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Real Estate Content Analysis

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Real estate became the subject matter of analysis for two reasons. Firstly, while studying the effects of mass effort, it was found necessary to study stimuli provided by the media. These stimuli come in the form of the content. Secondly, on the part of the media professionals and also media researchers there in need to understand the appeal of the content i.e. the strength of the message and its nature. Thus these need to be studied. This has to be studied more from the point of view of the audiences.

Both the above-mentioned reasons have practical basic form the point of view of mass communication and they gradually expanded to embrace many related issues as well. Early study of content dealt with mainly dealt with mainly the informational content of news. Now the portrayal of various real estate issues use of media as propaganda, and minority and caste biases in media have become the subject of study for content analysis. Most of the Moorpark Real Estate researcher has decided the objective of the research in the concerned field; the second step is to identify the units of analysis. While doing the content analysis of a newspaper the news items, articles, feature and editorial, photographs, etc. can be the units of analysis. While studying the portrayal sex may be the units of analysis.

Words, sentences, paragraphs, pages can also be the units of analysis. Similarly programmers on radio and television can also be units of analysis. The units of analysis depend upon the nature of investigation that is being carried out. The next step is to decide the categories of analysis. For example, while doing a content analysis study of the dateline of the news stories of a newspaper the categories can be: national, capital, state capitals, and other metropolitan cities, big cities, district headquarters, towns, villages, capitals of foreign countries.

While analyzing the objectivity of news items the categories can be fully balance, party balanced, not balanced, etc. can be categories of analysis. The units of analysis are given symbols either in the form of alphabets or numeral. This information, the units, the categories of analysis and the symbol given to them are organized in a systematic manner in the form of a code book. The real estates code book is a reference document, which is standardized for a given study and used uniformly by all researchers at the stage of coding and tabulation.